Reasons to Procrastinate

There are several reasons which may cause an individual to adopt procrastinating habits. Procrastination has now turned out to be a major problem for several people in recent days. Although, everybody put off or delay their activities due to some personal problems or other. For those people who really undergo procrastination problems find it quite difficult to get their work done at proper time. Procrastination is certainly a strange behavior and entraps, in which everyone is likely to fall. Though, it may seem that there are no logical definitions for this apparently irrational behavior, yet there are reasons to procrastinate. However, these reasons are not forever that obvious. Behavior of human is not chaotic or accidental and everything has a certain definite reason. Indeed, everything that an individual do is for a positive intention.

Some of the Significant Reasons:    
It is significant to understand the concept of procrastinating and reasons for procrastination, as it is the major problem that is revolving around the mankind and creating problems in their day-to-day life. Some of the reasons to procrastinate are mentioned below:
  1. Uncommitted towards assignments: People chronically delay an activity due to various reasons such as:
    • They may consider the assignment is perhaps not their job.
    • They may think it is someone else’s assignment.
    • The assignment is a time wasting.
  1. Panic about Failures: Panic about failures is also considered to be a possible factor to procrastinate. Certain people will circumstantially postpone their completion of the job, since they are much worried about the feedback of their assignments.    
  1. Lack of ability: The incapability to make assessments and decisions also leads to procrastination. Most of the people merely spend lots of time in making decisions regarding their assignments and projects. It is regarded as one of the major cause that is responsible for the people to procrastinate. It is significant to consider the alternatives carefully and make well informed decisions, however spending much time wastefully in making decisions may only result in delaying the projects. In order to avoid this problem, it is suggested to set away some time every day especially for making decisions in addition to set a deadline to complete the process of decision making. This will not only encourage an individual to utilize the time wisely but will also assist in accomplishing a decision in an appropriate manner.

Other reasons to procrastinate are such as people may find the particular assignment is difficult and very complicated, and then they will start to find the ways of compelling themselves to procrastinate. Instead they look for other tasks, which they find to be more comfortable to deal and perform. Distractions are also a major reason for procrastination. Creating and scheduling some time to chat with the colleagues may assist to prevent procrastination and maintain assignment on proper schedule.