Problem of Depression Procrastination

Depression procrastination is a state in which a person’s mind almost totally becomes frozen, as a result of which the person is not able to perform any work at all. As each individual is aware that procrastination is a state in which people don’t do things that need immediate attention. Instead of doing these things, the people get involved in doing things that are not so important. This results in unwanted delays and missing of the set deadlines. All these factors give rise to a phenomenon called as depression procrastination and frustration to the concerned people.

Hopelessness and Lassitude:
Depression procrastination takes a person to a state of hopelessness. Unlike normal procrastination, this kind of procrastination does not relate to things such as failure and fear or maybe even success. Normal procrastination can be stopped by the process of changing the behavioral patterns of the people. This is easier as compared to the problems arising on account of depression.
It takes the person to a feeling of hopelessness and lassitude. It also makes the infected person very angry in nature. Such people have the intent of giving up everything that they are doing. To solve the problem of Depression procrastination is very tedious process and requires very stringent measures to be applied. Hence, it can be stated that the problem is diametrically opposite in relation to normal procrastination.
The main and the most serious outcome of this procrastination is that, the problem can take a permanent nature. Overcoming of the problem requires a lot a time and effort, even though it results in delays and inactions. The problem cannot be defeated just by changing the behavioral patterns of the concerned person.
Overcoming the Problem of Depression Procrastination:
After looking at all the problems that arise on account of depression procrastination, people tend to give up on finding a solution to erase it completely. But the problem has not to be overlooked and rather has to be eradicated. This may require the availing of the services of medical professionals, who are adept at solving these problems completely. There are many drug therapies that can also be availed of.
The need for eradication of the problem is very pressing, as this is a very serious illness. Depression procrastination is causing serious havoc in the lives of the affected people. It reflects on the quality of their work. The problem also affects the people who are in direct contact with the infected people such as co-workers, family members and also friends.

The problem is affecting the health of the people as it is considered as a disease of serious proportions. The eradication is necessary on account of the fact that, the magnitude of the problem of depression procrastination is very huge in nature.