Pondering Mental Health Procrastination

In the current era, more and more individuals in the civilization are becoming prone to the mental health procrastination condition very rapidly. Several researchers are facing difficulties in exploring the stuff that is magnetizing these individuals concentration in a swift manner and are also constantly attempting to find effective curing techniques to tackle this difficulty. The major concern for both the dilemmas: the psychological health procrastination as well as the procrastination is that it makes deprived people more deprived as well as miserable and in certain cases even obese. 

Basically, the mental health procrastination is required to be handled constantly and this is a subject that every individual compulsorily needs to understand. The figures state that in the year of 1978 just a mere of five percentage of the entire American civilization were declared as procrastinators. Those estimated five percent of procrastinators were engorged by five times and currently procrastinations is influencing a least a quarter populate of America. 
The Hindrance:
The bare fact is that, the mental health procrastination is day by day becoming so severe that certain mental health experts had stated that, it is very tough to treat a procrastinator than it is to assist an alcoholic for quitting alcohol consumption. The condition of the psychological health procrastination is so devastating that people who procrastinate may even demand an hour in procrastinating, rather than performing a chore of five minutes of time duration. 
In reality, the mental health procrastination is associated to nervousness and fear and it can be also moderately pointed to financial difficulties, as a result the people become unable to file their revenue tax returns in the scheduled time. However, the psychological health procrastination contracts people of any sex. It is explored that a little half of about 25% of Americans that procrastinate are men and engrossing in that 25% the younger generation are more likely to get affected by this devastating condition, as compared with their elder counterparts. 
Certain things that hugely donate to the formation of the mental health procrastination can be practicality, lack of confidence for performing any task, and temptation. Here, temptation is considered as the biggest aspect and is also a factor that is becoming worse, and the technology appears as the key reason for the temptation factor. 

Nonetheless, the condition of psychological health procrastination is familiar to the world since ages and is also described in the ancient writings. One more reason why an individual is bound to endure mental health procrastination is due to fear of performing the task incorrectly. This condition is immediately required to be evaluated deeply, because, if a procrastinator recognizes the roots for his or her procrastination problems, the less are the possibilities for that individual to persist procrastination.