How to Alleviate Anxiety Disorder Procrastination

People suffering from anxiety disorder procrastination may observe the fact that procrastination follows them at each and every place. Hence, these people would feel utmost comfort in scrubbing the toilets rather than paying a visit to the grocery store. In addition, these people feel that they are in a picnic, while washing the windows and would rather not step outside at all for watching a movie. Numerous ways of combating procrastination which comes out of anxiety disorder have sprung up. The first and foremost method involves chalking out a plan or strategy of handling such situations.

In case, new places make a person frightful that he would actually prefer to do the laundry instead, a good method to avert procrastination prior to shifting to a new location is the scoping of that location beforehand. In addition, it would be better to plan the route to the location, in case a person has never been to that place. On such occasions, it is better to enquire about the location and parking and call ahead of time, which would make a person more comfortable. Half of the battle for fighting the anxiety disorder procrastination is won there itself.
A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed!
For instance, in the event of paying a visit to a new restaurant, it would be better if the person asks as to whether the waiter would seat him or otherwise. In addition, taking someone along would also help in combating anxiety disorder procrastination. A good travel buddy would help in proper combating of the anxiety disorder. A close friend would not only help in providing support, but would also act as a motivating factor. A person cannot definitely change his mind and stay at home, in case his brother is driving over for picking him up. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to change the mindset, in case a person is procrastinating rather than finding vague excuses.
Self Distraction:
Long waiting beforehand is sometimes the worst part that a sufferer of anxiety disorder procrastination has to come face to face with. In such situations, it would be better for the individual to distract himself with some other miscellaneous activities till such time as the individual gets the requisite time that he has for leaving.
This would mean that each time a person begins to look for a trip, it would be better to initiate a project which would keep the mind occupied. This would include playing solitaire, talking on the phone, instant messaging, email checking or preparing a to-do list. The best method of preventing procrastination is by not giving any vacant time for procrastinating. An individual need not give himself any time for staying at home or backing out. By following such regulations, the procrastinator would albeit slowly but steadily experience some alleviation in his anxiety.