Effectiveness of Procrastination Cure

Since procrastination is considered as a behavior related matter, it is difficult to find a cure for procrastination. Indeed, procrastination is not at all an ailment which can be cured with a pill or a shot. There are some people, who contend the fact that there might be a possibility of involvement of issues related to mental health. Nevertheless, for most people, a procrastination cure would mainly involve a change in behavior as well as the mindset. However, changing is not at all a simple process and does involve a specific period of time.

Typical instances can be cited when a person would put off or stall the start of a project which seems to be time consuming or difficult in nature. Eventually, it ends up by beginning at the last moment. There are high chances that in case a project gets completed within a specified time, it may not comprise of the “best work” which the workers were mostly capable of doing in the absence of time constraints. In such situations, a suggested procrastination cure is the partition of the project into numerous small pieces and by attacking the project, as a minuscule small job rather than one large project. This can be considered to be equivalent to the consumption of an entire elephant by some people. Although, one bite at a time would result in the completion of the project, there has to be a particular point when the first bite needs to be taken.
Rewards on Attaining Targets:
Procrastination cure may be as simple as looking forward to the completion of the job as a method of receiving motivation for getting started.
Most procrastinating individuals need to consider the offering of rewards the moment each step is completed successfully. With the realization of some positive outcome after the accomplishment of a particular piece of job, the tendency would be more of a positive nature as the person would go through the next segment. An important part of any job is to remain positive. This is irrespective of the fact, as to whether it is for a job around the house or for the boss.
Difficulty in Retaining Behavior:
Procrastination cure does take time to work, as in case of a small child which is weaned from a bottle. Constant reminders and perseverance is essential for affecting a procrastination cure at the start of the process. In addition, some gentle reminders may also be required for doing the entire job in a particular period.

Almost, all people have a calendar at their disposition. Hence, while tackling the project, a realistic goal needs to be set at a time, as to when the entire project would get accomplished.