Definition of Procrastinate

In order to know the reasons, as to why certain people delay or put off performing their certain tasks or assignments, it is essential to recognize the definition and level of procrastination. The fundamental understanding of the procrastination definition is that, it is an act of delaying or putting off performing some tasks to a later period. This kind of avoidance behavior may be an occasional practice of some individuals. Typically delaying the performance of some assignments can lead to a traumatic situation. Thus, an individual needs to thoroughly understand the definition of procrastinate, so as to understand its significant causes. However, for the persistent procrastinator, it may lead to failure in their assignments and tasks to be furnished.

Most of the time, it is regarded that delaying or putting off some unpleasant tasks are the usual behavior for many people. The main reason for such delay in tasks may be avoiding or fearing of unpleasant outcomes in the assigned tasks.
Causes and Consequences of Procrastination:
Definition of procrastinate hints that many people tend to delay or put off certain obsessions, in order to avoid the stress that they look forward in the form of outcome. But, in other cases, the anxiety or stress is increased or caused as an outcome of their shunning behavior. The reasons for the procrastination of many people may vary, but the outcome typically contains the usual elements such as laziness, disinterest towards the tasks and so on. A person who gets the wrong impression regarding the time that will take to finish out an assignment may definitely have a propensity to wait till the very last minute to start and then, turn out to be overly stressed due to working around the clock to complete the task. Thus, this kind definition of procrastinate develops an assurance in the minds of the people that if the things are under control, then everything will be fine. However, on the other hand, it only leads to physical as well as mental stress.
In most of the cases, the procrastinating definition brings out two distinctive areas such as physiological and psychological. These two distinctive areas evidently show the causes of procrastination. First of all, physiological definition of procrastinate involves the brain prefrontal cortex from where the decision making abilities are developed. If the desired control is not developed, then it may result in lack of concentration on the tasks completion.
On the other hand, the psychological procrastinating definition implies that this kind of procrastination can be caused by lower self-esteem developed by an individual, due to the anticipated poor outcome for their assignments. Thus, this definition of procrastinate also  indicates that most of the people often spend more time in planning than executing, thus delaying a project.

In reality, there are two different kinds of procrastinators admitted in the procrastination definition such as, the people who are very tense and anxious type and the others who have stress-free nature. They may have the problem of anticipating till the very last minute and not scared of negative results if the assignments completion gets late.